Our company

Eco Shipping is a shipping company based in the port of Arkhangelsk.

The key areas of activity include:

  • general and bulk cargo tramp shipping in the Baltic, North, and Mediterranean Seas;
  • maritime logistics in the Russian Arctic, cargo delivery and unloading onto the beach.

Eco Shipping is a reliable and responsible shipowner trusted by major companies!

We are committed to creating the most comfortable environment for our customers. Delivering cargo safely, meeting guaranteed timescales, and providing a high level of service are our top priorities.

One of Eco Shipping's strongest competitive advantages is that the shipper is not simply a maritime logistic services provider for its clients but is able to offer integrated shipping solutions to ensure that goods are received, placed in a warehouse, loaded on board a vessel when required, and shipped to any destination port.

To accomplish these tasks, the Company operates a multi-purpose special fleet of shallow-draft vessels to transport heavy loads. So shipments can be delivered to consignees in most hard-to-reach shallow-draft ports. Our shipping destinations are not limited only to Europe but also include lines from China to Sabetta via the Northern Sea Route and Suez Canal. It is noteworthy that Eco Shipping's vessels are high ice-classed allowing the Company to carry out operations in the Western Arctic all the year round. The Company also owns a support fleet to assist in off-shore unloading onto the beach.

We are continuously striving to work closer with our clients, expand into new areas of activity, and improve transport infrastructure. That is why big businesses choose to meet their logistic needs through Eco Shipping, a reliable and responsible shipowner trusted by major companies.


Our services

International shipping

Year-round export and import freight shipping to/from Europe and Asia

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Freight shipping within the Russian Federation, including Arctic and the Northern Sea Route areas

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We welcome everyone who is willing to become part of our Company's professional staff!